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Preventative maintenance

The main reason for a breakdown in commercial refrigeration is a lack of regular maintenance. Your fridges, freezers and cool rooms are just like your car - if you don't keep them regularly serviced, then you could be in for some expensive repairs over time.

Our expert team of technicians at Coldchill Refrigeration are well trained when it comes to maintaining your refrigeration equipment. We can help to recognise any potential problems early and resolve them quickly, and also ensure your refrigeration equipment is running as efficiently as possible. Not only will it help keep your equipment clean and maintain your required food safety standards, it will also ensure that your refrigeration equipment is always operating at the idea temperature.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
+ Reduce your electricity bill
+ Increase the life expectancy of your refrigeration equipment
+ Decreases the chance of stock loss caused by breakdown

There are many benefits to having a preventative maintenance program in place, and we can offer 3-month and 6-month maintenance programs to suit your business type. We have noticed significantly fewer breakdowns reported from our customers who do have a maintenance program in place, which is why we encourage most clients to consider such program.
We offer fast, professional service at a great price, and we'd love to help you keep your business running smoothly

If you are concerned about the performance of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Or wish to keep your new equipment operating at peak performance. As well as reduce the chances of breakdowns in the future. Then email us and we will give you some maintenance options to consider.

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